~ Moved On, Babe ~

Innovation needs to voiced, and so here are a couple of the ideas we (almost) decided to work on.

  1. The Hug App : We all need a hug sometimes. Just download the Hug App, add and invite your close friends and ask for a free hug. Any friend who is nearby will get a notification that you need him/her.
  2. Price Sharing App : We all have found ourselves getting confused, angry and frustrated about the pricing in a new city. Don’t bother! Just download the Price Sharing App.

Mini-Challenge 3

Proverbs 22:9 The generous will themselves be blessed,for they share their food with the poor.

Being college students, it often happens that our college is not situated in our home town. As days go by, we miss home cooked food more and more often.
Similarly, a lot of working class people have the resources to cook food, but due to their hectic schedule, they do not have the time or the strength to cook for themselves.

Meanwhile, there are a lot of old citizens living in the same city, in isolation and away from their families, who are in dire need of leisure and companionship.



So, we decided to provide a platform where old citizens can invite college students and working class people to their homes and cook food for them. And in return, they can get the companionship which they desire, along with the groceries and gifts that the guests will bring.




Mini-Challenge 2

Annapurna is a Sanskrit word meaning the giver of food and nourishment.

Problem Statement : Over the past two years, we have noticed that a large amount of food is wasted by our hostel’s mess. And the same happens at every other restaurant, mess and sometimes at homes. How can we utilize this to-be-wasted food?

Solution :


Magic Machine : We have named our Magic Machine ‘Annapurna’. Basically, this machine has two types. One is the ‘Sender’ machine and the other is the ‘Receiver Machine’.


If a person identifies that he/she are going to throw some leftover, he/she can decide to place it in the ‘Sender’ Machine. A person who is in dire need of nourishment can approach the ‘Receiver’ Machine, which would be placed in a community that is not self-sustainable with respect to food production.




To receive food, you have to get your Blood Sugar level checked by placing your finger on the scanner.  The amount of food received will depend on the level of malnutrition.


Things we Like : Sharing and Distributing food have the following advantages –

  1. Instant Hunger Relief
  2. Optimum Use of Food
  3. Feeling of Contentment
  4. Eradicating Malnutrition

Things we Dislike : Our model has the following shortcomings –

  1. Quality of Food can be questioned
  2. Can’t provide food to people who are physically challenged to access the machine.

Things that could contribute to our Solution :

  1.  Other basic human needs can also be served.


Mini-Challenge 1

About an hour ago, we read about the Mini-Challenge, and started discussing about the different aspects as to what ‘sharing’ means to us.

One of us pointed out the importance of ‘Need’ in sharing. As to when sharing does actually count? Because what is the point of sharing some thing, if the person, with whom the thing is being share with, is in no ‘need’ of that thing.
We also discussed as to why we consider sharing something at a point of time more important that doing it at some other point and why sharing is considered more humane when the person who shares is also in need of the ‘shared’ thing.

While we were discussing this, we also examined how sharing leads to the optimization of a product in a society. When we share something, we are able to utilize that thing more optimally.

Here is visual depiction of things that we have shared, this past week.

OzCHI Image 1

We also discussed as to why we do not share that often. We, as individuals are afraid of the risk associated with sharing. We don’t ‘trust’ the person with whom we are supposed to share something. And we concluded, that ‘trust’ is the main force behind sharing.
But don’t we share ‘trust’ too?



Less than 22 hours remaining…

We have just realized that the clock is ticking fast.
We are going through the Problem Statement, reviewing the links provided for the past couple of hours.

We’ll soon move on to the Ideation and Brainstorming part.
Let the game begins!